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“Children Come First in Divorce”

Mission Statement

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To ensure that the divorce laws of the State of California and the judicial and conciliation court officers apply the standard that children should have frequent and continuing contact with both parties

To cause the idea that every other weekend and one Wednesday a week for the non custodial parent is an insufficient visitation custody time to be applied by the judiciary as frequent and continuing parental contact.

To cause the idea that move aways are not the right of the custodial parent and to have them discredited.

To educate the divorce judiciary, bar, administrators, psychological evaluators and parents to be clear that the California state statute stating frequent and continuing contact for both parents does not contemplate move aways or every other weekend.

To cause extensive psychological testing and drug testing be the law of the State of California in custody cases becuase the child’s best interest is primary and that it takes precedence over the parents rights to privacy.

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Former President George W. Bush was determined to make committed, responsible fatherhood a national priority.

“The presence of two committed, involved parents contributes directly to better school performance, reduced substance abuse, less crime and delinquency, fewer emotional and other behavioral problems, less risk of abuse or neglect, and lower risk of teen suicide.

The research is clear: fathers factor significantly in the lives of their children. There is simply no substitute for the love, involvement, and commitment of a responsible father.”